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I want to move thorugh my daily life with ease 
I want to do normal things without "paying for it" for days.  
I want to be comfortable in public places without knowing every bathroom.  
I want to fearlessly push my body to  work at the peak of its ability. 


Fear of falling limits lives.  It is not a normal part of aging.  Your fear may be a sign that you aren't as safe as you used to be.  The key is to determine what changed.  Is it your inner ear mechanism, limitations in your joints or muscles, or a change in your nervous system.  All of these can be treated.  If it can't be resolved, strategies can help you feel and actually be safer.  The key is improving your safety so you can get your confidence back.  





Musculoskeletal Pain is initially caused by mechanical forces and distressed tissues.  It is your body's way to communicate that there is an imbalance in the system.  We fix it by finding that imbalance and correcting it.  Treating the symptoms is OK but we need to fix the problem.  


If pain lasts very long it changes your nervous system.  Literally...modifies your nervous system.   That is why We need to address both the issue that caused the paine and the changes in the nervous system.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles at the bottom of our core.  It has so many jobs.  It supports our pelvic organs, it holds waste in, and at the chosen time, it helps waste exit.  It can be a source  of pleasure and sometimes a source of pain.  Regardless of your gender a well functioning pelvic floor is a gift many take for granted.  


If you struggle with incontinence of urine or feces,  urgency or frequency, constipation, pelvic pain or pain with sexual activity, you are not alone.  For most conditions, there is effective treatment.  (It may be embarrassing to talk about but not as embarrassing as what can happen if it goes untreated.)

Training Plateaus

Sometimes athletes just get stuck.  Regardless of all the techniques they have found on the internet they still keep getting that annoying knee pain or that consistent calf cramp.  I'm not an athlete but I know how the body works.  I've treated dancers, runners and ballerinas.   Maybe you recovered "mostly" from an ACL but still focus on your knee instead of the play.  Using my analysis of your movement and the techniques of my mentor, a European PT for professional rugby,  I can help you maximize your thoughtless, fearless movement. If you are worried about pain or reinjury, you aren't able to give it your all.  Get your head back, completely in the game. 


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